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Journal for [info]paixaorpg

Player's Name: Spish/Heather
AIM/email: separated entity //
LJ: spiritsshadow
Timezone: EST~

Character: Blue
Series: Wolf’s Rain, post-series
Age: Several years old at least. In human form, she appears early 20s.
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Hetero.

Blue has the capability to appear human (see abilities for more details). In this form, her hair is black, neck-length, partially curling around her face. Her clothing includes a black, buttoned up jacket and long, black boots that travel up past her knees (see a theme here?). Around her neck she ties a short red scarf that trails down the front. Height-wise, she’s probably somewhere around 5’9”. Her eyes are blue, fitting for her name.

In wolf form she retains the same blue eyes. Her fur is a thick black, resembling her hair and dress color of choice that she has in her human illusion. Blue was well taken care of when she was the pet of Quent Yaiden, and so in both forms she looks in a good, healthy shape.

Despite having the occasional human appearance, her scent is of the dog/wolf variety.

In most cases Blue comes off as a soft-spoken, good hearted individual. But like most, she has a “secondary side” and she will snap if she must. If her life, or the lives of her friends and those she cares for are threatened, her quiet demeanor will shift to a ferocious one. She is half-wolf, and she will bite. She’s pretty hard to anger, thankfully.

More good news is, Blue has a heavy faith. She has the loyalty of a dog towards humans (specifically Quent, but she can see the appeal of others now that she has traveled with more) and the trust and respect of a wolf towards her packmates. She has a joyous side, often shown to the ones mentioned previously.

Blue may be reserved at first, but she does open up to meeting new people, and enjoys their company.

Probably her most important ability to point out is that she can cast the illusion of a human over herself. This originally came from the world she grew up in, where wolves were either thought to be extinct, or were hunted to be used for a human experiment. This ability probably came out of evolution or something of the sort. The need to survive. Thanks to whatever it was, it enabled the wolves to blend in amongst the humans. But for Blue, it was more than that. After finding out what she truly was, Blue was later able to communicate face-to-face with her human owner (even if he wasn’t thrilled).

*it is to be noted that anyone with some sort of “true sight-esk” ability would see her as a wolf. High-technological sensors will also show her as a wolf. Also while appearing human, her shadow sometimes will be of a wolf. It is possible for anyone who really focuses to see past the illusion, although it’ll sometimes come across as a weird blur back and forth between the two. It does tend to get complicated. Like grabbing someone with a hand can generally equal ‘biting’ them as a wolf… yet human-mouth does still equal wolf-mouth as it should. And then hands can still equal paws and… yeah. Go illusions.

Blue is by no means a pushover. She was hunting the wolves for a long period of time. She’s fierce, strong, athletic, and has quite a bite. Her scenes are keen: it’s very hard for her not to hear anyone coming, and in many cases she’ll smell them first. She’s a natural hunter and tracker, especially when it comes to wolves, although if there happened to be any others at Paixao, she wouldn’t hunt them to kill – well, she wouldn’t hunt them at all. She’s done with those days. The wolves also have an ability to jump high heights and climb crazy angles.

… Ah, and she can communicate with other animals when normal humans wouldn’t understand :D Not like that matters much in Paixao.

Her only weaponry is her MAD SKILLS. …I mean teeth and claws. Hand-to-hand combat ftw.

Blue’s very loyalty could be considered her greatest weakness: she will fight to the death for those she loves, those she believes are searching for a higher goal, and possibly even those who are friends. She values the connections she’s made with others; it gives her purpose, and if she can help save the lives of those connections, then she will do whatever she must. She has done it before, and though it makes her a bit weary to even think about, she’ll certainly do it again, no questions asked.

To her, she keeps failing to protect everyone. She failed Ruth, Quent, Cheza, … even Hige. She’ll keep trying until she gets it right.

Her high senses could also lead to her downfall, since it would be easy, given the right things to work with, to trick them.

For most of her time as a pup, Blue was taken in by the Yaiden family after being picked up by the young boy, Ruth. The stubborn boy finally managed to convince his mother and father (mostly his father) to keep her. But life with that family did not hold a happy ending for the half-breed when the fires came and their home of Kyrios was destroyed, along with Ruth and his mother. At the time, the survivor Quent Yaiden believed that it was a pack of wolves that caused Kyrios’ downfall, although Blue was never sure herself. But if he believed it, then she would follow him. Since that day, Blue goes with Quent to hunt the wolves at any turn, seeking revenge for their home and family.

It’s a long time, years, before they arrive at a city near a mountain and they finally see another wolf. Several, in fact, although at different points. Blue sniffs each of them out and fights when given the chance, still torn up as much as Quent is about their broken family. Unfortunately, with some complications, all four of the wolves escape, together.

And so, after several days, maybe even weeks, they continue their search with Blue’s nose taking lead. After a journey that continues to grow longer, it’s in a particular place that changes everything for Blue. Curled up outside a tavern waiting for Quent, the Flower Maiden, Cheza finds her. At first, Blue is hostile (after all, the wolves are traveling with the girl, but Cheza’s scent is calming). She says to Blue: “Don’t you know? About yourself… There is wolf within you as well.” In that moment, Blue pulls back, hesitant, and then after they run off, she presses forward again to follow, but her leash holds back.

Later, Quent reminisces about the past and comments about how big she’s grown. He falls asleep and her leash slips free from his hand; she goes off after hearing a fight and finding a young boy being beaten up by the guards and lashes out at them, causing the two off. The sound stirs Quent from his slumber, and he finds Blue crouched over the fallen boy checking on him. But Quent sees flashes of Kyrios burning and shooting at the dark wolf, and lost in the moment, fires a shot near Blue, telling her to back off. Startled, she does so. They took the boy elsewhere to fix him up, Blue leashed outside.

Unfortunately, the two guards from before find her like that and one of them takes his revenge. Her fury rises after taking a good beating, terrifying him and causing him to fire. She manages to break free, killing the man and bolting. Weakly she wandered the alleyways, finally finding Quent again, but he’s chasing the wolves. She pulls at his jacket for him to stay… and he leaves her to head for his target. When he later comes back, she’s gone off. She howls from a distance ((it may have been one of the others… but it’s highly unlikely, as they were on the run and escaping)).

She gets in a bit of a scrap later on in a city where the wolves are, running from a group of men who “paid” for her (thinking she had to work) and meeting up where the others are hiding. They fight off the men, and run. While the others are edgy about Blue’s presence, Hige takes a quick liking to her (probably just because she’s female). She talks to him about how she was happy with the life she had. That if she had never met Cheza, she would have never changed. She knows that she can’t go back to chasing the others, knowing the truth about having wolf blood in her. Although Hige jokes about not minding to be chased by a woman – that it’s normally him doing the chasing. She laughs, asking if he’d like to go with her, anywhere. They’re interrupted by Toboe checking on them, and then shortly after hearing a gun fire in the distance. The pair run off, and Blue only hesitates for a second to follow.

They follow the sound of gunfire to catch up with Kiba and Tsume, coming across an old couple in a beat-up trailer; the man with a gun out, ready to shoot the pair for seeing them as what they were. Blue rushes in quickly, avoiding being shot, and sits before the man as the harmless, quiet dog, stopping him from doing much more. The couple helps deceive the same gang that originally was chasing Blue, hoping to sell the wolves to Jagara. Blue sits calmly at the man’s side while the others eat under the guise of humans. The leave, revealing themselves, and giving the woman a bit of hope by saying that they’re still living; that they’re wolves, which were believed to be just legend.

Blue wants to know more about who she is. They say, the others, that they’re going to Paradise, but she doesn’t believe that she can go. But Hige won’t go on without her, and the only way to learn… is to keep moving forward. And so, she agrees to go with them. But before Paradise, their destination is Darcia’s castle, where the kidnapped Cheza (the girl Blue truly wanted to see again) is to be, waiting for them to come get her.

When they make it to the castle, a car is already there, and after a moment Blue catches Quent’s scent in the air and runs to investigate, confirming it, and then running into the castle. Sadly, she realizes that it would be better if they didn’t meet. They continue to look for Kiba (who already took off through the castle) and Cheza. Blue makes it in just in time to jump in front of Kiba to keep Quent from shooting him. The others rush into the room.

Lasers go off and it gets chaotic as an attack is unleashed by Jagara, another noble like Darcia, on the castle. Quent begs her about why (why she’s doing this, why she’s left him…). Blue flees as the destruction worsens, catching up with the two humans Hubb and Cher, who have taken Cheza, and attacks the guards in their way. She gets hit with some weapon and falls. Jagara’s troops apprehend the four of them.

When she woke, it was in a cage across from Cheza. She figured out and decided, that of all the people she’s ever known, she knows that she absolutely needs to protect the Flower Maiden, and will until the others get to them. Cheza smiles and says that Blue really believes in Hige; her response is that she’s completely uninterested.

Hubb and Cher manage to escape from where they’re held and free Blue and Cheza. Blue walks out and slides on the human illusion, surprising the two. They get a move on, fighting the guards that try and stop them. But a ship moves overhead and a thick beam of light falls around Hubb, who’s carrying Cheza, and they disappear with it. Blue and Cher are saved from Jagara’s people by an explosion caused from an old “ally” of Cher’s. The pair borrow a car from him, their destination being Jagara’s castle, where Cheza should be being taken, and where the other wolves are probably heading as well. Following the scent of the flower.

After a long drive, they reach the Lost City, where Jagara’s castle is within. They make well in the city, taking care of punk kids (and Blue can appreciate Cher’s “arsenal”), beating up other punks for specific city IDs, chatting up the locals for information, chatting up cats for information…

From the Lost City, Blue learned something that she thought she’d never hear. As her and Cher continued to make their way to Jagara’s castle, they were stopped by two guards asking if they were lost, and what city they were from. Blue says that they came from Kyrios, and the guards remark on that being strange, and that the village was destroyed years ago. That part Blue knew, but then they followed with saying “That’s the place we attacked right before I enlisted. […] We burned that village down. […] Because that’s where we found that pack of wolves. The town burned quite well.” Blue’s surprise fades quickly and she snaps, sending one of the guards flying with a punch and then going for the other. They see her as a wolf through their visors, and Blue makes haste to escape after Cher gives her a nod.

Having escaped the guards well enough, she walks with relief that the wolves weren’t the ones who destroyed Kyrios. Her time for surprise has yet to fade, however, as she finds Hige lying, weakened, in an alleyway. She tries to figure out what happened to him, but he doesn’t answer, and asks if she wants to leave the city with him, saying that he doesn’t care about things like everyone else, and Cheza. He desperately starts to look for a way out of the city, making her worry and panic about what’s wrong with him. They’re interrupted by Toboe’s howl and find him being taken by guards. Blue grabs Hige and they flee from the scene to avoid being caught as well – there’s nothing they can do for him.

Hige collapses, and she begs him to get up so that they can save Toboe. When he doesn’t wake up, she starts to cry, believing that he’s dying, and that he’s going to leave her alone. He comes to, barely, and asks her a favor: to remove his collar. She tries desperately, but it doesn’t tear. He starts speaking nonsense when guards find them and she lashes out, getting nicked by a stray bullet. Hige scrambles up at seeing her hurt and runs with her, getting his collar shot off in the rush.

Night falls and they make it to a path that would lead to the castle. Hige says that he needs to go – to save them. She wants to go with him, but he won’t let her, asking her to wait for him to return. That if he thinks she’s waiting for him, then he’ll definitely be able to return; he’ll come back without giving up. She nods in agreement, and he goes.

But she can’t wait.

Quent is near… she smells him, and goes to him as he collapses over, drunk and beaten. He wakes to seeing her as a human. She asks about where he’s from and he wonders if she’s heard of it; she only mentions that she heard that the village was burnt down by Jagara’s army, who were targeting the wolves. He says it’s a lie, nonsense, and continues to babble and wander off. Tearful, she turns towards him, shouting that it wasn’t the wolves and to believe him. He turns, realizing, and calling her name, seeing her as he remembers and falling to his knees to embrace her.

She continues to follow him even as he leaves the city; he wonders how long she plans on following him, while she tries to get him to go back to where the others are. He thinks that she resents him, and that there’s no way that she’d forgive him, and she explains that she didn’t know about having wolf’s blood until meeting Cheza, and the kids, and then realizing…

She rushes down the hill to stop a speeding car, and Quent pushes her out of the way, getting hit in the process. Dragging him over her back, keeping on forward to meet those kids until he falls unconscious. Hubb and Cher, who acquired a new car, screech to a halt, finding them collapsed in the snow. They set him up by a fire to rest. Cher talks about a man-made Paradise that failed while Blue lays at Quent’s side. They keep moving by car, until Blue begs them to stop, picking up Hige’s scent, and goes running across the snow to meet him. Everyone meets together again. The humans continue to drive, allowing Hige, Cheza, Quent, and Blue to rest in the back of the car until they drive across weak ice that shatters beneath them. The passengers in the back scramble out and Hubb takes Cheza… as the car, with Cher still in it, falls to the ground.

Hubb keeps pushing forward to do what he can, and with the help of the wolves, set the car right-side up again. They continue on, stopping every so often along the way to recuperate Quent, and sometimes Cheza. Blue asked Toboe to protect Quent for her if something happens to her. She’s relieved to know that he’s willing, and that he’s helped the old man before.

The car breaks down at last, and they all continue walking. Quent finally regains consciousness, to find Hubb, Cheza, and a bunch of wolves around him. He manages to get up and walk away from the group. Blue wanders off, but not to follow him. Hige catches up with her, and she asks where he’s going, and that she’ll go wherever he does. She knows that she probably can’t go to Paradise because she’s only half-wolf, and because of what happened with him, he has doubts that he’ll be able to go either. He also doubts that she’s okay with separating from Quent, and she affirms: “If I can be with you, Hige, until the end… that’ll be fine!” and hugs him tightly.

They eventually make it back to the others…

… to find both Toboe and Quent, dead. Killed by Darcia, who has become not quite human, or wolf. All the wolves howl in sadness and song while Cheza sings a song of her own.

Blue and Hige continue with the others to Paradise, even if they cannot be granted entry. She was the one of the pair to decide it first, saying that he must want to go as well, that he can’t have an excuse. They lost Hubb on the way up a mountain of ice, to the Tree of Beginning, and then found themselves facing Darcia.

Darcia, the one noble. Darcia, who had been trying to make himself into a wolf so that he would be the one to open Paradise, stead of Kiba. Darcia, who succeeded in becoming a wolf. A mad, crazed wolf.

Darcia’s goal was to get one thing at that moment: the Flower Maiden, Cheza. Kiba was the first to challenge him, getting knocked away; Darcia continued for Cheza, Hige blocking his way, and Blue rushing down before he could be attacked. She dug her teeth into Darcia’s side and whirled with him over a ledge, hitting the ground and falling away. Darcia approached her slowly and Hige desperately tried to stop him, but was fought off, and Darcia went for her neck…

Darcia took Cheza and continued his way up the mountain. A recovering Kiba paused over the other pair, then at Hige’s command, went after Darcia.

Blue, fast-fading, was grateful to have Hige resting over her as she died.

She was in Paixao for a fair while, believing the city to be an odd sort of Paradise for herself, and eventually came to terms with her end. Through several odd situations, she developed a “pack” of her own, made up of Bakura, Jack Skellington, and Gaston. Gaston and Bakura were some of her last memories of the city, and when she re-arrives, she’ll feel as though she had never left, but things are definitely not so much the same…

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