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[ooc] Paixao Relationship Chart

- NOTE: Because I'm uncreative right now and my eyes are getting all crossed, "The Incident" is in reference to this thread, where a group tried to leave the city and were ambushed by Dancers, then later ambushed by three members of the Organization.

- Will prob fill it out more when I'm not @.@ at everything.

Considered ally
Neutral, only knows from passing, brief meeting
Useless something
Possible threat?

One of the people involved in The Incident. Blue hasn't yet noticed that "she's back."
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Bakura Ryou
Blue had become very attached to the young boy. They initially met when Dusks were attacking the city and ran into one another. After she remained with him pretty often, along with Jack Skellington and Gaston. It was a strange little band, to say the least.
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One of the people involved in The Incident.
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One of the... people involved in The Incident.
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One of the three Organization members involved with The Incident.
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A rather strange alliance when you think about it, but Blue (along with Bakura) met Gaston (along with Jack Skellington) while the city had Dusks attacking and he fell into the role of a protector. At a later point he discovered her in wolf form, but the hunter didn't hunt her. She trusts Gaston quite a lot. They've been through several encounters together, including when a group of them tried to leave the gates and they were ambushed by Dancers and then several Organization members. Gaston, much to Blue's distress, had been kidnapped.
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Guy Cecil
Spoke once after Blue reported Tear was gone.
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Jade Curtiss
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Jack Skellington
The last of an odd band from the early days, Blue met Jack during an attack of Dusks on the city. He was also present when a group left the city and, like Gaston, had been kidnapped by the Organization.
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One of those involved in The Incident.
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Luke fon Fabre
Blue tried to help him find Tear when she went missing, but failed.
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One of the three Organization members to take care of The Incident. The likelihood of her recognizing him is slim.
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Bonding over lost friends.
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Remus Lupin
Met him and Wolf one day. Yay pseudo-weird not!wolf packs? Except he's gone ;; She wishes she got to know him better.
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Rory Williams
Tried to help him find the Eleventh Doctor.
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Scar hasn't actually done anything to Blue except annoy her upon her rearrival.
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Helped Blue fight a boggart!Heartless in Halloween Town. She doesn't know anything about Sheik.
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One of the group that was involved in The Incident. She hasn't been in contact with the most present Sora.
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One of the group that was involved in The Incident.
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Tear Grants
Tear told her if she ever needed a healer to not hesitate in calling her. Later she disappears and Blue tries to help Luke in finding her, but fails. She doesn't yet know that Tear has returned.
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The Doctor (Tenth)
Found out about there being more than one Doctor from him. Doesn't quite know what to make of him, other than he seems to be the bearer of bad news.
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The Doctor (Eleventh)
Blue likes his optimism. They also both seem to have a habit of losing people.
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Timon interests her because he knew who Gaston was when she rearrived in search for her friends, but she's a bit miffed at him because he called Gaston a jerk.
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Canonmate. Seeing Toboe was disbelieving - it was the first time she had ever seen anyone from her world. It was also hard, because she relived what happened to him, but she was glad he had been there, even if it wasn't for long.
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Canonmate. Blue didn't get to interact much with him. They shared similar knowledge about what happened to Toboe in their world. She feels as though Tsume silently blames her for it.
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Urd updated Blue on what had been going on in the city since the half-breed had last been there, more or less.
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Half-wolves gotta stick together. Even if they're not quite the same, Blue is charmed by Wolf.
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One of three Organization members who showed at The Incident. She remembers Xaldin the most of the three, since she once had a conversation with him.
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